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Zoom Technologies is a professional service provider in the field of mould manufacturing and die cast mould tooling industries. ZT offers built-to-order standard mould bases, custom machined mould tooling and variety of mould tooling components gun drilling jobs, all kind of critical machining jobs.

Zoom Technologies meets all your mould needs.

ZT has been dedicated to serving customers needs by offering superior custom mould bases, mould plates, standard mould equipment's and hot runner and controller systems, all at competitive prices and deliveries, saving our customers time and money.

Using the latest technologies and machinery, ZT produces high quality products at economical prices. From injection mould bases to plastic mould components; nothing is too complicated for ZT - we fulfill all of your custom machining services so you don't have to! our team-oriented company is devoted to improving manufacturing methods, and has continued to invest in machinery and education for our employees in order to give our customers premium service. We will work with our customers to identify their particular needs and then improve our service to meet those needs. With outstanding delivery anywhere in the World, custom mould base manufacturing and a full line of mould plates and self-lube components, ZT delivers quality products to satisfy our customers' needs, every time.

We are among the recognized names in the industry for the manufacture of die casting molds. The Mould maker is known for its advanced design and worry-free operations. This machine is easy to use, requires less maintenance and is also available at great prices. It is widely demanded in the automotive Textile industries and electrical industries.

Previous Tool maker was considered an extremely skilful art. But no more today. With the advent of new technological tools such as 3D parametric modeling, rapid tooling and high-speed machining, etc., anyone can get into making tools using the right mix of these Mould base maker technological tools. Trade structures of the past are rapidly becoming redundant and there is a need to focus on value rather than the cost to move forward. Tool maker and Mold maker should target appropriate markets. They should also invest in the development of products, which are specialized materials, under appropriate procedures and, of course, in the consideration of customer needs. In short, all competition for Mould maker should be about value rather than cost. Zoom Technologies has a high degree of in-process control for the Mould base maker and a final touch of the molds.

Gun drilling and deep drilling

Deep hole drilling is the common name for processes that produce holes deeper than five times the diameter. These processes include grinding, drilling, trepanning, drafting and many others.

Zoom Technologies' complete range of deep hole drilling is designed to meet the needs of the modern machine shop, now and for many years. These machines offer a wide range of features and functionality, making them versatile to fit a multitude of applications in a variety of industries. Multi-axis and multi-spindle gun drilling versions increase the productivity of many plies without compromising accuracy and rigidity.

Zoom Technologies is a leading manufacturer of deep hole drilling and gun drilling services. Our focus on this niche technology over the last 3 decades has made us the only recognized brand in India with the most comprehensive range of solutions offered in this technology. Our strength is to be creative and to customize an engineering solution perfectly adapted to the needs of the customer.

Our gun drilling solutions are best suited for defence and firearms, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, medical implants, seamless tubing, energy, molds and dies, hydraulic cylinders, etc. productivity and performance over the life of the product.

Need of Surface grinding

Basically, Surface grinding services are used to do two things: create a square and parallel square metal shapes as precise as possible for the grinding machine. Used in many areas, but generally in fixtures, molds and dies, Surface grinding appears to be a simple process at first glance. But look deeper and you will find that the mastery of Surface grinding is not limited to the eye.

In Surface grinding, Zoom Technologies is a reliable resource that provides very high-quality precision grinding services. Our installation is equipped with manual and numerically controlled grinders for plane, radius, and Surface grinding of many parts. Some of them include special machine parts, gauges and die details for aerospace parts. We make and deliver orders with typical delivery times of one week, with emergency services available.